Why is the Data from Google Search Console API Different from the Data on the GSC Dashboard?

I have received some feedback on the Beta Ranked Keywords tool that the data on Larseo is different from the data on the Google Search Console (GSC) dashboard. Here is the answer for you.

Phuc Le

First, you need to know Larseo is pulling data from Google Search Console API when you connect your Google account to Larseo. Google admits that they only present sample of data on both the GSC dashboard and the API, so there might be differences between data on GSC dashboard and API. It's totally normal.

The amount of data that is sampled may vary based on several factors, including the size of the dataset and the specific query parameters used. It's important to keep in mind that the sampled data may not always be fully representative of the entire dataset.

Moreover, there could be other several reasons why the Google Search Console API is returning different data:

  1. Timeframe: The Google Search Console API only returns data for a specific timeframe. If the data that you are interested in falls outside of that timeframe, it will not be included in the API response.

  2. Query filters: The filters that you are using in your query may be too restrictive. If you are only filtering for a specific keyword or set of keywords, you may not be capturing all of the data that you are interested in.

  3. API limitations: The Google Search Console API has some limitations on the amount of data that can be retrieved in a single request. If you are requesting too much data at once, the API may not return all of the data that you are interested in.

In Larseo, you can easily change the pulling settings such as country or date range to only get the dataset that you're interested in.

Pulling settings on Larseo

Here is an example site, that was pulling data from All Countries in the last 3 months:

Data on Larseo

Data on the GSC dashboard

Hope this can answer your question!